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Radio Interview Maggnies on Tap

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Golf Channel Morning Drive Live Interview

Don’t let the winter stop you from getting better!

Well it’s winter time. This time of year we don’t get the oputunity to play as much golf as we would like.

But, the positives of this time of year is we can work on our golf game without putting pressure on our results. We need to identify the tendencies or flaws in our golf swing that we all have and that always seems to sneak back. What we can work on is offsetting our tendencies we have and likely do appear when we get to play a lot.

The best way of doing that is by doing exaggerating drills, when overdone we can offset our tendencies. This can be done by hitting balls indoors into a net (so you are not over conserned with ball fligh but more on technique), in the gym, or by just making dry swings. I only redo mine for a few months during the winter, then as the spring comes, I work back into playing mode.

If you do not know your tendencies that is a must for you to learn. Let’s take advantage of the winter a get better. Come see me and let’s get after it.

Morning Drive talks about the work Ryan and I have been doing.