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Troy and Ryan’s wedge work pays off big at PGA CIMB Classic!

What a great month to see Ryan get his 3rd PGA tour title. Ryan and I have been working hard on improving all his wedge stats from 40 yards to 120 yards. The crazy thing about golf is that you can put in lots of work and not see the results happen very quick. Ryan and I sat down after the BMW Championship, his last fed ex cup event of the 2013 season, and came up with a plan of how we where going to execute taking his wedge game to the next level. We came up with a few things. First, we made a year long process commitment that short game was always going to come first through this 2013-2014 season. Second, Ryan is an amazing feel player. In the past we would always try to change his wedge game by technique or by trying to do the clock system for distance control. As time has gone on we have found that did not match his personality and the way he loves using feel to control his wedges. So this time we have been working on TrackMan. We have been training on TrackMan since June of this season. We have been utilizing TrackMan by setting a target on a tree out in the distance on the range. Then we start hitting 5 wedges from 40-50-60-70-80-90-100-110-120 yards. What is different about this Ryan is having to feel the yardage to a target 150 yards away (no cones, no flags, just feel, and create carry distances which then TrackMan gives feedback to the exact carry distance). After this, I run Ryan through 30 balls of random yardages I call out, then give 42-77-103 and so on. If you ever try this it’s pretty hard aligning to a target in a distance then feeling exact yardages with no targets. This has really been huge for Ryan and it payed off on the 72nd hole at the CIMB where he got up and down from 63 yards for par to get into the playoff, then he won from there. He told me when he got to the shot he smiled and said to himself well good thing I’ve been wearing these out with Troy using TrackMan for exact feed back. Ryan choked down on his 60 to his spot on his grip and the rest is history.